Are you craving change? Tired of letting fear and anxiety intrude on your life?

You’ve likely landed on this web page because something in your life is not working for you and you are seeking some help to make changes. Maybe you want more meaningful relationships, or you are tired of feeling inhibited by anxiety or depression symptoms. You want to let go of worry and fear and live more in the present moment. Perhaps you’ve struggled with insecurities and feelings of not being good enough. I can help you become empowered to live more fully and authentically, helping you to let go of what isn’t working for you and to create new pathways.

Have you felt limited or stuck by talking alone? Art Therapy offers an alternative.

Art therapy offers a unique way to explore thoughts and feelings that might be unreachable in traditional talk therapy. Making art in a therapy session is completely optional, but I will always invite you to do so if you wish. Working within the metaphor and symbolic language of art, you can learn a lot about what is going on internally. I offer a safe space and an empathic presence for you to use the creative process of making art to make sense of difficult emotions, to gain insight and awareness and to develop new coping skills. No art experience is necessary, just an openness to experiment and learn about yourself.
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Do you want to have more meaningful and authentic relationships?

Our experiences in childhood and with early caregivers create our patterns for relating and being in the world. We often develop coping skills that may have been effective at one time in our lives, but as we grow, and circumstances change, these coping mechanisms no longer serve us in the same way. The same strategy that may have helped keep you feeling safe as a child may be preventing closeness or intimacy as an adult. Using a variety of tools, I will help you gain awareness of instinctual patterns and work with you to carve out new pathways that will allow you to connect and communicate with greater freedom and authenticity.
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Stretch Your Comfort Zone. Live More Expansively.

Therapy offers an opportunity to safely and gently expand yourself to develop the strength, courage and tool kit needed to let go of what isn’t working for you and cultivate new ways of being that will. It would be my privilege to walk beside you on this journey.

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