My Approach to Psychotherapy

Our experiences in childhood and with early caregivers create our patterns for relating and being in the world. We often develop coping skills that may have been effective at one time in our lives, but as we grow, and circumstances change, these coping mechanisms no longer serve us in the same way. The same strategy that may have helped keep you feeling safe as a child may be preventing closeness or intimacy as an adult. Using a variety of tools, I will help you gain awareness of instinctual patterns and work with you to carve out new pathways that will allow you to connect and communicate with greater freedom and authenticity.

In the container of the therapeutic space, I will will help you to gently push on the bounds of your comfort zone and slowly and safely practice a new and more expansive way of being, allowing for lasting change.

As an art therapist, I can offer you the unique opportunity to process your experiences visually and in a tangible way. Through a combination of making art and talking, new insights can emerge. Using art therapy is entirely optional, but it is a tool available to you to access what might not be reachable with words alone.

Change is hard. Sometimes really hard. But embarking on the journey towards it is one that can also be joyful as you learn about yourself, make connections, and break free from what is keeping you from experiencing your life more fully and authentically. Everyone has a unique journey and it is my privilege to witness and support yours.

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