Art Therapy for Students

Art Therapy for Students

College or graduate school can be an exciting time filled with many new beginnings and responsibilities as interests and passions develop. Often these new experiences and responsibilities can stir up feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can be crippling when you are a student trying to balance school, personal relationships, and the challenges of adulthood. You might be feeling pressure from a variety of directions and not quite know the path to take.

Anxiety can manifest in a variety of symptoms such as an upset stomach, muscle tension, shortness of breath, headaches, sweating, trouble concentrating, difficulty sleeping, irritability and a general feeling of stress and uncertainty. It can affect your desire to connect with others and make it difficult to be productive and creative.

I offer art therapy for students where you can have a space to play, explore and develop healthy coping skills to manage the demands of being a student with the rest of your life. The process of creating art lowers stress hormone levels and can help you be in a more optimal state to tackle various stresses and challenges. No artistic experience necessary!

I will help you use the creative process to develop a stronger sense of yourself, attract more meaningful relationships and cultivate coping strategies to manage anxiety achieve more balance and peace for yourself.

I am in-network with Cigna insurance and many other insurance providers will pay out-of-network benefits. I also offer a sliding scale to make therapy affordable for students and can be flexible with changing schedules.

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