Art Therapy: The Movie

Art Therapy: The MovieArt Therapy: The Movie is a documentary by Alfonso Bui that explores the unique ways art therapy is being used for healing around the globe. For the last ten years I have worked part-time at a residential healthcare facility for adults with AIDS and substance abuse issues in the Bronx. Art therapy has been an integral part of the treatment process for these clients, helping them to build coping skills, enhance self-esteem and confidence, make sense of difficult emotions and to gain new insight and awareness about themselves. I had the opportunity and pleasure to be a part of this film and share a small slice of how art therapy is used in this particular setting. It is my hope that this documentary helps spread the word to educate more people about art therapy and how it helps people.

If you are curious about art therapy and wondering about both the challenges and rewards of being in this field, definitely check out this documentary. It will be available to the public later in the year. In the meantime, to learn more about the project please visit:

Art Therapy: The Movie Website
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Art Therapy: The Movie on IMDB