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Adolescents and Art Therapy

During the ambivalent and confusing years of adolescence, teenagers have a strong desire to express themselves, though they may resist authority and be wary of talking to adults. Emotions get bottled up and expressed in angry outbursts or other unhealthy ways. Art therapy offers an indirect and non-threatening way of self expression, while giving teenagers [...]

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Mindfulness Meditation: There’s a Mindfulness App for That

Engaging in a regular mindfulness practice has the power to bring on a shift in identity and change the story that you tell yourself, helping you to reduce fear and anxiety and create a different story. Perhaps your story has elements of, "I'm not good enough," "I'll never get what I want," "I'm always going [...]

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Inspirational Quotes: Welcoming Winter

A new year is upon us and after the sparkle and glitter of the holiday season, here on the East Coast we are settling in to a couple months of less light, silence and stillness. This time of year can be a good time for introspection and reflection and a time to embrace the quiet. [...]

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Inspirational Quotes: A New Year

A new year is upon us and I invite you to ask what you want to cultivate more of in 2015, what you want less of, and what you want to continue. As you consider these things, here are a few of my favorite quotes for the new year...    

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Inspirational Quotes: Musings on Art

This is one of my favorite inspirational quotes about art. Keeping that sense of play and curiosity that is inherent in childhood is sometimes a challenge as the responsibility and structure of adulthood takes over. It's never too late to pull out the crayons and pencils... And once you get over that hurdle, here's what [...]

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Inspirational Quotes: Gratitude

Gratitude practice seems to be having its moment these days, and I hope the trend lasts. Turning gratitude into a habit might be one of the best things you can do for yourself to lift your mood, be mindful of the present (and what's good about the present moment) and change your outlook. Write down [...]

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Inspirational Quotes: The world is your canvas

As an art therapist, it always makes me happy to see how others have found value in keeping the arts alive in their lives. Here are few quotes to inspire you this weekend to let your creativity take you wherever it may...    

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Art Therapy: The Movie

Art Therapy: The Movie is feature length documentary about art therapy and how it is being used for growth and healing around the world with all kinds of people. I am so excited that this film is being made to educate a wider audience about what art therapy is and its powerful benefits. I had [...]

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