“The thing that is really hard and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning to work on becoming yourself.”
~ Anna Quindlen

Addiction and Recovery Help in NYC
(Recovery or ACOA)

Adults in Recovery

You have been sober for a while, but now the real work of challenging old patterns, black and white thinking, and a need for control can really begin. I love to help adults in recovery discover and develop new coping strategies, to become more comfortable with discomfort and to step into their authentic selves, even if it’s a bit messy.

If you’ve struggled with substance abuse, there is almost certainly a very good reason. At some point in your life it’s likely there were feelings or experiences that felt intolerable. The best way out — maybe the only way to survive in those times — was for you to not feel at all. Drugs and alcohol can do a pretty good job of numbing painful feelings, but obviously there are countless negative consequences.

We will work together so that you can expand your ability to tolerate painful and messy feelings. We will find a way for you to be in touch with your entire spectrum of feelings so you can have a more authentic connection with yourself and an greater ability to have genuine and meaningful relationships.

Adult Children of Alcoholics or Addicts

If you grew up with a parent who struggled with addiction, it’s no doubt affected your life as an adult. When chaos is surrounding you, or if your parent was inconsistent in their presence (both physical and emotional), it can become a challenge to develop a solid sense of self esteem and self-worth. Co-dependent traits or fear of abandonment may have developed which can be a hinderance to you having secure and healthy relationships. You may have a need for approval or have perfectionist tendencies. Maybe the need for control overwhelms you.

Together we will work to understand how your early experiences have shaped certain patterns of behavior, and we will explore ways to shift the patterns that aren’t working into something better.

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