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“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.”
~ Henry Ellis

Pet Loss Counseling in NYC

Pet Loss Counseling NYCThe death of a beloved pet is a profound loss. The grief you feel after this loss can be as much or more intense than for a human loved one. What other relationship provides unconditional love, a never-ending capacity to forgive, an endless source of comfort, and an ear that is always willing to listen and not judge? If you are struggling to move through a loss, I am available for individual and group pet loss counseling in NYC.

As an animal lover, I recognize the deep bond that is possible between humans and animals. I have experienced the heartache and despair when this bond is broken by a pet’s death. The sadness and overwhelming emptiness you experience is difficult to face alone. Our society is often quick to dismiss the significance of the relationship. It’s never, “just a pet.”

You might be experiencing profound sadness and depression, feelings of angerguilt, or perhaps you are still in shock.

I offer the unique opportunity for you to use art therapy as a way to move through your grief. In times of pain and despair there is an innate human propensity to create and rebuild that which has been lost. The restorative and healing powers of the creative process are expansive. Creating artwork around your pet helps you focus on the positive memories, create a tangible memorial or express something for which there are no words. No art experience is necessary. Using art is entirely optional, but it is available if you choose.

Pet Loss Counseling NYCTrained as a pet loss counselor by the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement, I will guide you through the healing process. We will make sense of your feelings together in a caring and non-judgmental environment. I am also available to assist with anticipatory grief issues and issues surrounding making the decision for euthanasia. You do not need to suffer this pain alone.

Sometimes the loss of a pet can trigger feelings related to unresolved losses or issues from the past. As a trained psychotherapist, I help you process your experience and get to the root of what is causing you distress.

If you are dealing with pet loss or anticipating a loss a few sessions of counseling can help. Get in touch today »

Want to try a group experience? Check out the monthly Art Therapy Pet Celebration Workshops »

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